About The Project

In the world of LIGHTSPLIT, colors are the main essence of the universe. The harmony between them is necessary to keep everything in place.

There exists a sacred entity called The Prism. It is, in a way, revered by the inhabitants of this universe, and known to have an incredible power of color projection. For that, all the The Prism needs is a pure light emitter.

With that, we have Cromo, a being made of pure light, who is destined to create a "better world" with The Prism and master her power of color manipulation.

- First attempt at a synopsis, made in 2019-2020.


LIGHTSPLIT is inspired by games like Yume Nikki, Undertale/Deltarune and Portal 2. It could be considered a mix of certain elements from all of those.

The story's slightly sarcastic and absurd sense of humor draws heavily from Undertale/Deltarune and Portal 2, while its surreal aspect comes from Yume Nikki.

Is it a game? Is it a webcomic? Is it an ARG? An interactive series?? An animated series???

In a way, you could say LIGHTSPLIT is all of those, haha.

The truth is, LIGHTSPLIT has been through several iterations over the years. I have considered making it a game in Game Maker (the whole reason why I bought GMS2), and before that it was meant to be a little rpg horror game similar to Ib, Yume Nikki and OFF (also why I bought RPG Maker 2003). I have also imagined it as a webcomic, and ended up scrapping that as I'm not very great with comics. It's been tough to find a "perfect medium" for this project.

I do have certain ideas that I haven't seen many projects implement, though. So... with faith and dedication, I hope I'll be able to get there and portray LIGHTSPLIT in a way that feels right and is fun to dive in. :)

So when can we expect any updates on LIGHTSPLIT?

I'd say to keep checking this website! I don't really have the time to work extensively on the project now (currently busy with Deltarune fanprojects), but I do want LIGHTSPLIT to become something special in the future. Let's hope for the best.